December 7, 2023


Design with distinction

Know about the most appealing trends in floors and ceilings in 2022

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Ceiling and floors are the elements of interior design that are considered the front end and are noticed at first when someone enters a place. Designing a house with new trends and ideas is what everyone wants nowadays considering the affordable costs and the reliability of the material used. Laying carpets can make cleaning difficult for you. To get the ideas for interior design visit the best review site in the UK with reviews for different interior shops working at your place and their reliable services.

Look through homethreads reviews for ideas and trends that are famous among the customers and their preferences for the implementation of these ideas concerning the best home decor and interior item provider companies in the UK. Contacting small reforms to get the products and services at an affordable rate is a good idea. Here is a guide to the best ceiling and floor trends followed in the UK currently.

Bleached Floors

In terms of attractive look and feel, bleached floors are the best to consider for your place as they make the floor look tidy and are made in colours that don’t make the floor look old and dirty soon. It gives a feel of a soft and glossy floor with no harsh lines on it. The colour applied to the floor gives away an ashy look and feel that adds an aesthetic feel to your floor. 

Concrete tiles

To give your place a fine rusty look go for concrete tiles that are used nowadays as the alternative for a wooden floor that gets dirty very quickly and often there is a chance of damage due to falling of the heavy object on the floor. 

Patterned wood floor

Simple wood floors don’t look as elegant as the geometric patterned wooden floors that are in fashion nowadays. Containing different styles and patterns, these wooden tiles are suitable for kitchen and bathroom type small spaces.

Lighted up ceiling

Ceilings with numerous patterns on them look good if you want to make your space feel light and avoid the gloomy effect of fewer lights installed. False ceilings with so many lights are in fashion nowadays and installed specifically in guestrooms and bedrooms for a good lighting experience and sparkly ceiling. 

Coloured Ceilings

The ceiling with colours looks more artistic and changes the game of the room by reflecting lights of different colours. Dark and light colour combinations and solo colours for ceilings are famous nowadays in homes.

Textured ceiling

Simple ceilings nowadays make the space look empty and non-artistic therefore ceilings with patterns and wood designs with architectural elements are used to enhance the look of the ceilings with arts and crafts implemented.


Ceilings and floors should be decorated in such a way that they let out a kind of feeling associated with the place. The changing trends and styles are attractive to follow for your home and office interior and make your space look modified and comply with modern standards.