March 1, 2024


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5 Trending French Home Interior Designs You Should Consider For Your Home

5 Trending French Home Interior Designs You Should Consider For Your Home

5 Trending French Home Interior Designs You Should Consider For Your Home

A lot of people tend to think there’s a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about French homes and interior designs that only the French can achieve.

We’ll unravel five of these beautiful things that make a French home a French home. They were obtained from the reviews of a good number of people at UKCollectedReviews. To hasten your journey towards getting the perfect French home you desire, we have also included a nice place where you can get these French beauties for your home. Not only would you find them at Made In Design reviews , you’d also find reviews and correct usage and arrangement guides from other users who are just as passionate as you are about them.

Listed below are the five trending French home interior designs you should consider for your home:

1. Paintings: Paintings are compulsory things in French interior decor. A true French home is never complete if there are no paintings hanging here and there. And no, you don’t have to break the bank for Michelangelo’s The Pietá nor Da Vinci’s Monalisa before your home can be considered French enough.  There are a lot of affordable paintings that can help you achieve this. Nature paintings are the best for this.

2. Elaborate Lighting: What is a French decor with little lights? Paris isn’t called the city of lights for jokes. The French do not take the lighting in their homes lightly. This is why you must pay very good attention to your lighting if you must get the French decor you want. Some elegant chandeliers hanging from an exposed beam which is typical of the French makes your decor as elegant as the French’s.

3. Some Rustic Touch: French homes always leave you with a subtle rustic charm that won’t leave you after a long time. The wooden tables,  figurines, antique items which are placed at different parts of the house like mementos of past travels always give French homes and Decor which the French are known for. Before you call your house French, pause and think, is this Rustic? Yes, no rustic charm, no French decor.

4. Stone Tiling and Jute Rugs: These are another set of beauty that comprises French decor. The stone tiles often add a sort of archaic beauty that defines a lot of things attributed to the French.  This can also be achieved by making use of jute rugs instead of some fancy rugs that do not ring bells in anyone’s mind. Whenever you desire that French feel, gaze at your rug or at the tiles, that’s French enough.

5. Layered Linens: Your beddings and  draperies have to take on the French styles too, don’t they? Layered linens are another interesting part of French interior décor – most especially your beddings. It is no French bed if the beddings are not layered. Straight beddings don’t belong in real French decors.

Final Notes

Now that you have read these five trending interior home decors, you’d see that French decors aren’t all je ne sais quoi.  Put the right things in place, and you have your French home give you some rustic smile and charm.