July 20, 2024


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Distinctive Features of Residential Interior Design

Distinctive Features of Residential Interior Design

When someone talks about residential interior design, they are referring to a number of factors incorporated into any decor. Factors include minor features such as floor coverings, lighting and windows treatments as well as major features such as furniture and wall decor. When all of these are blended together to produce a coordinated and harmonious result, a pleasing interior is achieved. Any one factor that does not mesh well with the others can throw a whole room off. The principles are the same for both residential and commercial interior design yet the purpose is different for each type. Commercial interiors are more focused on functionality while residential interior designs are focused more on livability.

Large scale features in a room are essential to all interiors. For wall coverings, look for such things as texture, color and visual aspect. Lighter colors tend to reflect light while darker colors absorb it. For a small room, go with light walls and use darker colors for accent pieces. When choosing furniture, make sure you take scale and proportion into consideration and allow your personality to shine through with the finish and coverings. This will allow your room to achieve a harmonious balance.

Let your individuality shine through with accessories in a room. Lighting is a major feature in any area so take some time choosing yours. Window treatments should coordinate with your furnishings while still allowing you to play with fabrics, textures and styles. Accessories can make or break a room. Choose carefully to ensure an accessory fits the overall decor while still allowing your personality to shine through. By coordinating colors and finishes throughout a room, you can adhere to interior design essentials while still allowing the room to fulfill its purpose yet pleasing to you.

Sticking to basic interior design concepts is important no matter which project you are tackling. When designing a commercial interior design, organization and functionality will take top priority to ensure an efficient work area. Yet, the overall effect does not have to be stark and dismal. It can still be an area that people wish to congregate in just by following these principles. Residential interior design may actually be the more challenging of the two as you have to take into account what the room will be used for along with the personalities of all who will be using it. Yet with either type of space, by following these guidelines you can have an area to be proud of.