July 20, 2024


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HGTV’s Leanne Ford Is Offering Design Advice on Cameo

HGTV’s Leanne Ford Is Offering Design Advice on Cameo

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep most of the country homebound, more and more people are looking to spruce up their spaces—and designers are coming up with creative solutions to help them. Last week, we wrote about designers launching new digital platforms to work with clients—now, one of our favorite designers has turned to an unexpected place to offer up design advice: Cameo, the celebrity video app.


With a little help from Leanne Ford, your space could look like this! (The designer’s own living room).

Reid Rolls

As its name suggests, Cameo offers fans the opportunity to pay for a celebrity to make a video for them or their friends. Often, these are birthday or other special-occasion shoutouts. But Restored by the Fords star Leanne Ford has decided to use the app for something entirely different: design consults!

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time,” Ford explains on her Cameo page. “Since my calendar seems quite cleared, let’s do this!”

“I always love opportunities to get to more people’s homes, so this was another way to do it,” the designer tells House Beautiful. So here’s how it works: Ford encourages fans to submit a specific question (and even include photos, if possible!) and she’ll offer up a video response with her design recommendations. So far, Ford has advised on everything from kitchens to living rooms to more logistical things (like hiding ductwork), suggesting cabinet rearrangement, purchases (from IKEA, Crate & Barrel, and more), paint colors, and even Instagram accounts to follow for design inspiration.

“It’s so fulfilling creatively to think of fun solutions for people’s spaces,” says the designer. “And it’s so fulfilling to give people the nod, push, confirmation and ideas they know to get things together right now while they are home!”

Ford’s cameo fee is $125, which , when you consider you’ll be getting interior design know-how from an HGTV-approved designer who’s created lines for the likes of Target and Crate & Barrel, is an absolute steal. “It’s much cheaper than a full consultation with a designer, and enough information to get you started and get your own wheels turning,” Ford says. What better activity for social distancing than that?

Book a Cameo consult with Leanne Ford here!

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