July 22, 2024


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Mortgage Leads and Mortgage Lead Management Systems

Mortgage Leads and Mortgage Lead Management Systems

Mortgage leads come in many formats and from many different channels. Most mortgage branches buy mortgage leads from different mortgage lead websites, marketing companies, and in house websites. The one thing that most offices are missing is a central point of control that maximizes the revenue potential of sales leads.

The fact is that only about 65% of leads are worked to the fullest extent. Many factors such as turnover & poor time management limit the potential of mortgage leads. Leads generated from any channel can be lost in the shuffle leaving revenue on the table. Drive up your ROI!

From research we have found the key points that most need in a mortgage lead management system – Check out some below!

Multiple lead format uploads and channel allocation – This feature allows you to upload leads from different mortgage lead vendors, and different in house channels by creating an upload template for uploading leads to the system.

Mortgage Lead Distribution – Upload leads and distribute to all or certain users. Redistribute leads to active users when deleting a current user.

Mortgage Lead Tracking – Inbox displays new leads assigned from admin/manager that are to be called as new leads. User can then assign call back dates, track closing dates, keep contact notes, and more!

Automatic Emails – Once a lead is added to the system, dropped from system, or set as closed the system will send an automatic email custom created by the admin/manager to each lead. This assures professional contact and follow up to all your borrowers. This email is managed by the admin and can be edited or turned on/off at anytime.

Reporting – Reporting is key to any business owner and will really track the production of employees and your mortgage lead channels. Some sample reports are new leads, leads dropped, leads closed, leads by state, leads in processing and with features to track all this by what channel or lead vendor.

Security – A highly powerful SSL and private bullet proof hosting by Red Hat Linux is the backbone of the system. This assures no data sharing or possible entries into your account.

Calyx Upload Template – Saving your lead to your pc in a Calyx upload template will allow you to upload your lead right to Calyx Point.

Mortgage Calculator – Discuss 3 loan scenarios online with the on the fly data. Compare 3 products to see what is best for the borrower.

Key Points to a Good Lead Management System!

Track employee performance with real time tracking and reports

Get true reports and ROI for all your mortgage lead sources
Easily upload leads from all your mortgage lead channels

Assign leads automatically upon upload or manually each morning

Know your investment in Mortgage Leads is paying off and working for you

Enjoy less stress, relaxation and trust in your business operations

Generate more referrals and repeat business with excellent customer service

Close up to 20% more mortgage leads each year with a good lead management system

Along with this feedback we looked into several options online and found 3 Good choices available for the Mortgage office manager or Branch manager.