26 Home Makeover Ideas That Each Cost Less Than $500

Angela R. James

You’ve probably been spending more time at home than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic, so all of those little things about your space that didn’t really bother you before are probably driving you crazy by now. If your home is in need of a refresh, you might not want to spend thousands on a full kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation, but there are plenty of home improvements you can make without spending a fortune. All of these home makeover projects can be done on a budget.

Last updated: June 15, 2020

1. Paint the Front Door

You can

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30 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Should Tackle This Summer

Angela R. James

Summer can be the perfect time to refresh your home, both on the inside and out. And that’s especially true now — whether you plan to cash in on your vacation days for a staycation, or you’ll be working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can use that extra time for these easy home improvement projects.

Last updated: June 11, 2020

Give Your Doors a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your front door can give the exterior of your home a whole new look. Or, you can paint an interior door a contrasting color to give the

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102 Black Instagram Accounts to Follow for Home Design, Crafts, Gardening, and More

Angela R. James

It’s no secret that design and lifestyle magazines—Country Living included—need to do a better job of showcasing the wonderfully diverse makeup of our country, and the crafters, designers, quilters, and makers within our communities. And because we know many Country Living readers are looking to support Black-owned companies and Black voices—and, as always, are particularly interested in the people and the stories and the cultural influences behind the products—we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite Black makers, crafters, designers, gardeners, musicians, and other country creatives you can follow on Instagram right now (some of whom you may

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Aussie Air Conditioning System

Angela R. James

Air Conditioning

Just as vehicles want common servicing and upkeep to maintain them working effectively and the occasional breakdown service, so do air conditioning systems. Before you sign the dotted line and purchase your air conditioning system, ask if they offer scheduled and break-down maintenance air conditioning service Brisbane wide.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

Air conditioners with remarkable vitality efficiency can have up to 10 stars. Single-phase power Air Conditioning System is all you want for many single (and multi) cut up-system air conditioners.

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8 Creative Kitchen Decor Ideas (That Involve Zero Renovating)

Angela R. James

They often say the kitchen is the heart of the home: You use it for lounging, socializing, cooking and everything in between. However, if you can’t stand the way it looks, you’re probably prone to avoiding it altogether—and what a waste of square footage that can be.

This versatile space can encompass so much, incorporating a number of different styles depending on what you’re looking for. No matter whether you want a family-friendly space to gather or simply an area in the home where you can get your sous vide on in peace, there’s always a way to create a

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