July 12, 2024


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5 Reasons Homes Might Be Staged

5 Reasons Homes Might Be Staged

Homeowners, and their real estate agents, are often confronted with many relevant decisions and/ or options. One of those is deciding when staging a home may be called for, and when it is might not be necessary. This is a balancing act, especially when utilizing the skills and expertise of a professional stager, because of the expenses/ costs involved. Therefore, the decision should not be taken lightly, because, for most, their house represents their single largest financial asset. In my over a decade, of being a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in New York State, I have witnessed the amazing benefits, quality staging, has delivered, as well as realized, the circumstances, where staging was not worth the expense! This brief article will review 5 reasons, selling a house, might benefit from being staged.

1. Doesn’t show well: The reality is, some houses show far better, than others! Sometimes, the way it already is decorated, works well. Perhaps it only needs a little de – cluttering, or moving around. However, there may be instances, when certain rooms or areas, require a potential buyer to have a little imagination, which might benefit from staging. I once listed a lovely house, and was unable to stage it, initially, because there was a tenant in it. When the tenant moved out, and it was staged, it sold the first weekend!

2. Odd – sized or shaped rooms: Is there something about a particular room, which might make a potential buyer, have difficulty appreciating it? Is the size and/ or shape, a challenge? Then, it’s time to seek, at least some sort of partial staging!

3. Warm – up a space: Does the house have any spaces, which negatively impact, the beauty of the rest of the home? How might this space be transformed from a negative, to a positive, or at worst, neutral scenario? Some areas of a house, just need something, to warm – up, the space!

4. Buyers without imagination: Although wise buyers possess the imagination and talent, to visualize what might be, and prioritize what we refer to, as the bones, of a house, many do not have this quality! Staging is an important tool, to combat buyers without imagination!

5. Attract more buyers: The Realtor has done several Open Houses, and there have been a number of viewings, yet the house, hasn’t sold, and much of the feedback, speaks about some cosmetic feature of the property. Doesn’t it make sense, one might potentiate the possibilities, and attract more buyers, after professional staging!

Home staging is not for every situation, but is often, a valuable tool! Discuss this with your real estate agent.