April 16, 2024


Design with distinction

Antrim woman transforms old garage into stunning second kitchen and shares top home decor tips

A Co Antrim woman has transformed her home over the past year, completing it in lockdown and sharing amazing before and after photos.

@spangles_home_belfast moved house in December 2019, as her first home was a new build and she wanted to be able to challenge herself.

The single mum of one had most of her new property decorated, replumbed, with new electrics and gas installed and has created an Instagram account to showcase her creativity.

She has gained inspiration from Pinterest and ‘never in a million years’ thought she could achieve what she has, leaving her feeling extremely proud of her dream home.

The home guru told Be you do not have to spend a fortune to transform your home, adding her favourite places to shop have been Amazon, Dunelm Mill, The Range, B&M Bargains and Marks and Spencer.

New kitchen in the garage for her baking

She said: “Always shop for bargains, I get so many from local budget shops that look great. It’s all about knowing what you want and having a good eye.”

The blogger has converted her garage into a workshop and second kitchen as her creative place, as she loves baking cakes in her spare time.

Bathroom, before and after

She added: “My rooms are all very different. Each room has a different vibe, although most walls are all white. I like it this way to keep it neutral,fresh, airy, open and bright.

“I totally love my bathroom and my inside kitchen. I just love these two rooms and how I have decorated them. The bathroom is probably my ultimate favourite.

Another great transformation

“My top tips for a full renovation is to know that things always take longer than expected, just be patient!

“Always add extra pounds on for workmen as there are always issues. Ordering online is great and less hassle than running to shops for bits and bobs, however walking around home shops is great for inspiration.

Living room, before and after

“I’m a single parent and I have learned to do a lot of DIY and would encourage other girls to do so!

“You must own an electric screwdriver, drill, spirit level and these things will be your best friends.

She even transformed her front steps

“Up cycle if you can! If you can’t do DIY bits or need help, I just pay someone to do it such as cutting grass as I personally hate it.

“Don’t put yourself through misery! Do the things that make you happy and leave the others to the professionals.”

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