Interior design trends: Grandma’s treasure trove

For the new generation, there’s a great love for nostalgia, and grandma’s closets have been opened with a welcome flourish. Millennials believe that old is new again. The result? The granny-chic or the grandmillennial style. This design style is reminiscent of traditional interior design, but with a twist. Floral prints, […]

the best accounts for trend inspo

Given the challenges of the past year or so – hello successive lockdowns and long stints working from home – we’re all too familiar with the sight of our own four walls. However, with restrictions significantly easing, it’s time to fall back in love with our living space. And TikTok, […]

Solar Power – Unlimited Source of Energy

The scarcity of power sources makes it more expensive and people consider electricity as a need. Therefore despite the high monthly bills, they have to pay for their electricity. They don’t have a choice but to pay for it. However, solar energy users are now increasing in numbers since they […]

Step Inside a Glamorous Waterfront Palm Beach Home That Was Designed to Look Like a Super Yacht

Somewhere on the Floridian coast, one sophisticated Palm Beach residence possesses a particularly compelling mise-en-scène: A 6,000-square-foot waterfront location, paired with a façade that recalls an uber chic super yacht on terra firma. The international-style pied-à-terre—conceptualized and brought to life by architect and interior designer Gerard Beekman of Gramatan Architecture […]