April 21, 2024


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Everything You Need to Work Remotely

If you’re new to working remotely due to concerns about COVID-19 (aka coronavirus), you’ve probably already realized that it’s quite an adjustment.

While there’s more time to hang out with your pet in your comfy outfits, WFH also presents the danger of distraction, a lack of structure and a smaller — or sometimes completely absent — dedicated office space. The best home offices inspire productivity in addition to looking good. Think: plenty of sunlight, clutter-free surfaces, ample shelves and storage space, and comfortable, ergonomic furniture to work on.

To help you navigate the trickier parts of working while stuck at home — and staying Zen, too — we’ve rounded up our favorite home office ideas, from a proper desk and office chair to shelving, decor and supplies. Whether you have an entire room or you’re working with a smaller space (like a corner of your living room), we’ve got inspiration for you with these incredible home office ideas.

Here are ET Style’s home office ideas andwhat you’ll need to set up a workspace that’s as comfy as it is functional.

As tempting as it might be to work from the couch, you’ll be so happy with a sturdy, stylish office desk. We love this Scandinavian-inspired desk for your home office spacebecause it has a top coat that is waterproof and easy to clean. In addition to easy assembly, this particular piece of office furniture is super sturdy thanks to its steel legs.

Small space? No problem. You can mount this desk easily at any height on your wall, and there is built-in shelving on both sides to store books, speakers and other electronic devices. The best part is that this desk takes up very little room once you fold it up after your workday is done.

We’ve all sat in an uncomfortable office chair or two over the years. Now that it’s up to us, we’re going for something softer and more stylish. Channel your inner interior design pro with this modern swivel chair, which has quilted vinyl upholstery in a bright blue shade. It comes in a bunch of other colors, including black and pink, and is also available without arms.

It can be surprisingly easy to lose track of what day it is while sitting alone in your at-home office space, as well as your plans for the week. We’re not giving up our calendar apps, but a physical calendar like this one from Kohl’s is a great visual reminder of upcoming meetings, deadlines and events — use promo code SHOP15 to score the sale price below. Another great office decorating idea is a chalkboard wall or using chalkboard paint on an accent wall.

Don’t forget to regularly wipe down all of the screens in your space! This Amazon best-seller works wonders on computer monitors, laptops, iPads, TVs, Kindles, smartphones and other dust-collecting electronics, as well as eyeglasses and sunglasses lenses. It comes with a microfiber cloth for streak-free cleaning.

Plants are one of our best decorating ideas. Spruce up your space with a home office–friendly plant, which will be the focal point of the new decor in your room. This golden pothos plant is easy to take care of (it just needs occasional watering) and thrives in low, indirect light. Like many other broad leaf plants, it will purify the air around you.

Sometimes you need an in-your-face reminder to stay positive. Choose from a variety of sizes and frame materials for this uplifting wall art, then channel all the good vibes in your new home office setup.

Perhaps aware of the number of parents who are now working from home and trying to keep their kids entertained, Amazon has dropped the price of its popular Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet. Thanks to the device’s strong battery life and wide range of content, youngsters can busy themselves for up to seven hours of reading books, watching videos, listening to music, playing games and more. Ideal for kids ages three to 12, the Fire 7 incl
udes a sturdy case, one year of FreeTime Unlimited and a two-year guarantee.

This eco-friendly, 100% bamboo laptop desk is perfect for those who don’t have the space in their home for an actual desk and chair — as well as for those moments when you want to finish up your work on your laptop while chilling on the couch or in bed. This portable desk comes pre-assembled and has a small side drawer to store pens or your USB flash drive collection.

No longer have access to an office printer? This affordable HP printer model is wireless and can print, scan and copy your documents and photos. It comes with black and color cartridges and can be set up in minutes via the HP Smart App.

A well-lit workspace is a bright idea — because good lighting is a crucial component of a productive, functional workspace. This industrial-chic take on the classic desk lamp is made from matte black iron and uses an exposed finial bulb. It deserves a coveted place on your desk to provide the lighting you need to see your way through your busy days in your new office setup.

Unleash your organizational skills with this five-piece desk organizer. Between the letter sorter, pencil holder, sticky note holder, hanging file organizer and letter tray, you’ll never misplace another writing utensil or piece of paper with a great idea on it.

Part of taking care of your physical health these days means protecting yourself from eye strain. Felix Gray makes tons of blue light filtering glasses that are seriously stylish, and these Roebling frames are no exception. Shop ET Style’s other recs for blue light glasses here.


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