July 22, 2024


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How to Decorate Walls in your Child’s Room

Decorating ideas for children's bedroom - IKEA Indonesia

Every six-year-old wants portraits in their room. Your child’s room should be colorful and cozy. You can make them more inviting by use of art and other things. Other ideas you can put in place to decorate the child’s room are pom-poms and decorative shelves.

Every child is a fan of colorful shapes and patterns that make the room look more creative. These beautified walls also trigger the child’s positive emotions. It is advisable to be creative when redesigning these walls. 

Most ideas depend on your creativity. Remember, children change their taste suddenly, meaning you should consider that before redesigning. A neutral color is the best way to go in case a change of heart happens.

This article will discuss some tips that will enable you to decorate your child’s room walls. Ferm living wall stickers UK has all the information on how you can decorate the room walls.

  1. Use of Pom-poms and Garlands 

The use is conspicuous garlands, and pom-poms are the leading ways to redecorate a child’s walls. These items improve the room’s ambiance and make the space cozier. Examples of the most popular garlands are made using the material. 

They also have conspicuous triangles to improve their look. These garlands are available in shops in velvet form. They also have a style to make the room brighter. Pom-poms are also excellent when it comes to wall decoration. 

Pom-poms are made using rigid tulle, and they maintain their stylish appearance when hung on the walls. It is advisable to pick different color pom-poms if you want an aesthetic arrangement.

Another feature is the dream catcher. 

They improve the space above the child’s bed. You can also mix it with beads and ribbon. 

  1. Use of Wooden Shelves

Wooden shelves are a great way to improve the ambiance in a child’s room. They are both aesthetic and functional. Wooden shelves bring specific attention, especially when they come in different shapes. 

It is advisable to make use of colorful shelves to get the most out of them. It will also help to fill these shelves with same-color accessories to improve the decoration. 

  1. Use of Posters and Stickers

It is possible to decorate an empty wall with pictures and posters. The use of a sticker is among the easiest ways to enhance the interior’s look. However, you should consult the child first to ensure the posters fit their desires.

The child should decide which stickers they want on the walls to make sure they are happy. It will help to buy quality stickers that you can redesign without destroying your walls. You can also use extra frames by the child to make it more bright. 

  1. Put Knobs in the Furniture 

It is now easy to find knobs, and this is due to their demand. These knobs are known to improve a room’s appearance. You will find one that pleases your child with ease.

Final Thoughts

A child’s room should have certain features to make it more attractive. Examples of these features are stickers and wooden shelves.