May 23, 2024


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Interior design trends: Grandma’s treasure trove

For the new generation, there’s a great love for nostalgia, and grandma’s closets have been opened with a welcome flourish. Millennials believe that old is new again. The result? The granny-chic or the grandmillennial style. This design style is reminiscent of traditional interior design, but with a twist. Floral prints, retro browns and wedge wood blues lined with frills; using scalloped chairs and table covers; chinoiserie and rooms layered in pattern, yet with a modern, contemporary edge; are classic examples of the grand-millennial style. Here are a few easy hacks to style your home the granny-chic way.

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1. Pattern on Pattern Group your favourite patterns together to create a striking contrast. Geometries (like stripes) and floral prints also work very well together. Combine prints in different designs but similar colour tones and don’t keep your patterns to your walls and upholstery, let your paintbrushes run even on furniture.

2. Fancy Furnishings Don’t limit the use of fabric just to sofas, chairs and curtains. Use them as rugs, bed linens or table runners. Use textiles on table tops. Add the extra fabrics on fringes, frills of curtains as well.

3. Mix, Match, Layer, Old and New Pieces Collect as many retro and classic items that you own which blend with your personality, such as old platters, floral fabrics, chinaware, and old-timey wallpapers or patterns. The idea here is to layer identical vintage pieces to create a robust maximal look that will bring out your personality.

4. Drama of Decoupage The art of decoupage, especially on furniture, works wonders. Repurpose your worn out sideboard and don’t shy away from extreme floral experimentation on it.

5. Refashion Old Furniture That old grandad chair by the window; that collection of dinnerware grandma had that you found so boring when you were a child If you’re lucky and your mum saved them, open it all up again. However, don’t mix it with industrial elements. Grandma style demands you be chic and classy, and make sure it looks like organised chaos.

6. Balance is Key A word of caution here is knowing when to stop. You can spot good interior design in spaces when you don’t feel the need to add anything. This year minimalism is out as people spend more and more time in their cosy abodes, so homes will start becoming a collection of not only practical things that people need, but also things that give mental solace and peace.

© Provided by India Today

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