April 16, 2024


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King Homes NSW introduces top 5 Trending Home Interior Design Ideas

Planning to get the home built/rebuilt? What theme has been selected? Is it the latest? Aware with the popular Architectural trends? Well, can King Homes NSW help with that? Here the company present their customers their list of top 5 interior design ideas –

1. Monochromatic Colors

A simple yet contemporary way to create a modern feel in the home is to stick to a monochromatic color palette. For example, a white kitchen with concrete grey floors and perhaps a marble-look benchtop from a trusted supplier Talostone, can create a luxurious feel. Then add in pops of color and texture through their furnishing and styling. This way, have a home that remains contemporary throughout the seasons & years.

2. Natural tones in the kitchen 

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, and while that hasn’t changed for next year, some things have. For one thing, if the kitchen is built this year (especially after a decade-long love affair with stainless steel), white and wood are on the rise. But what’s also changing is how one can use these finishes to create a beautiful, functional space. While people usually think of white kitchens as light and airy, some dark grey tints can be used with this color scheme that will give the same results. Alongside the wood on their cabinets, it’s a great way to achieve a more home-like feel.

3. Open Shelving is Back

There are two trends that are seen with open shelving this year, and while they can technically be used together to create a stunning look for their home, clients can also use them separately if they prefer. The first one involves using lighter shades of color on the shelf to disappear into the wall, while the second trend brings a darker color (or another material like metal or wood) to be used as a background. Either way, if clients use them, it’s sure to look stunning!

4. The Rise of the Splash-back

There’s no shortage of beautiful splash-back ideas to choose from these days, and whether they want something bold or a subtler look in their kitchen (or bathroom), there’s an option out there for them. The company’s favorite designs use the same material for their client’s kitchen benchtops onto their splash-back for a cohesive feel.

5. The Need for Multi-Functional Spaces

This year has made us all rethink how one uses their home ever than before. It means that a lot of the areas within their homes have become multi-functional. The guest bedroom is now the study. The living area has now become a home-schooling area. But then the need to have separate ‘relax’ zones is equally as important. It may mean removing the TV provision from the Master Bedroom or increasing the bath size in the bathroom. Or perhaps adding a wine storage area to unwind in the evenings.

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King Homes NSW is a trusted quality builder based in Sydney, and they build across most Sydney areas and surrounds. It is a young and vibrant company committed to delivering quality homes at realistic prices. If clients are interested in working with them, they have an idea they’d like to chat with the company or just want to say hello, contact their office, and they will be happy to help.

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