July 20, 2024


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My Home Tip on the Best Shower Basket to Have

My Home Tip on the Best Shower Basket to Have

Shower baskets are those handy little gadgets we keep in our shower area to store items like soap, shampoos, conditioners, razors and whatever other item you might need for this one specific shower.


A shower basket in your shower area is an absolute must have item and goes a long way towards ensuring a hassle free and relaxing shower. I do not believe there is a single person out there who has not had the misfortune of soap in the eyes and grabbing around blindly in the shower looking for something they need.


The idea is to find a shower basket most convenient to your needs. You need to consider pricing, décor and the practical uses of a specific shower basket. If pricing is an issue you can find some very reasonably priced ones in plastic. If however you would like to concentrate on décor then obviously trying to match up with your chrome taps would require that you purchase a chrome basket.

The most important factor I find worth considering is how practical the shower basket is as per your personal needs. If you prefer storing all necessary items for a shower in your shower basket then you might need a bigger basket. I prefer to keep all my toiletries in a wicker storage basket in my bathroom and then moving the items I need for that specific day into my shower basket just before I have a shower. To that end I have a smaller basket which is perfect for me as I have quite a small shower.

I prefer the chrome baskets as they are easier to clean and keep clean. I also recommend a basket with two shelves, one shelf where the chrome bars are set further apart from each other which are easier to clean and can store bigger items and another smaller shelf where the chrome wiring is set closer together to hold the elusive soap.

When it comes to installation the last thing you need is to spend the entire day drilling holes and installing a shower basket. Make sure that the shower basket you buy is easy to install or like mine, just hangs from the tap.

The web is a wonderful medium to access information on a wide choice of shower baskets available and your decision on which one to purchase can be further validated by home tips and user reviews which can be found online.