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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska accused of copying influencer’s nursery design before she scored her HGTV home renovation show

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska accused of copying influencer’s nursery design before she scored her HGTV home renovation show

CHELSEA Houska has been accused of copying an influencer’s nursery design after scoring her own HGTV home renovation show.

Fans previously ripped the Teen Mom 2 alum for landing the new series despite having “no experience” of interior design.

Chelsea was accused of 'copying' another influencer's nursery design


Chelsea was accused of ‘copying’ another influencer’s nursery designCredit: Reddit
Fans ripped her for 'lack of experience' ahead of her new HGTV show


Fans ripped her for ‘lack of experience’ ahead of her new HGTV showCredit: Instagram/chelseahouska

Chelsea, 30, has now been accused of “copying” another Instagram influencer’s nursery design for her South Dakota Farmhouse.

One fan noticed striking similarities between her infant daughter Walker’s room to a nursery owned by social media star in Ohio.

The reality star used similar floral wallpaper, wooden slats, the same white cribs with clear panels on the sides, and to tie it all together, the child’s name was written in an identical font.

The sleuthy fan shared a side-by-side collage of the images to Reddit, showing just how indistinguishable Chelsea’s nursery was from the influencer’s.

“In honor of Chelsea landing a show on HGTV, here’s a throwback of her exactly copying an IG influencer’s nursery,” they captioned the post where to buy xlr cryptocurrency.

Others were flabbergasted at the lack of ingenuity, racing to the comments to slam Chelsea for “copying” despite her newest venture on HGTV.

“Ok yea she copied or took inspiration but that crib is ugly AF,” one ranted.

“Let’s be honest with ourselves. She didn’t get the show because of her design skills,” a second ripped.

A third remarked: “Because she is getting a show as if she is creative when she really just steals ideas.”

“You know what is irritating about them being offered a TV show like this? That there are interior designers who have studied and worked to become good at what they do and here we have two baby-voiced, workshy grifters who have just been given everything on a plate,” another scathed.

“There’s a professional company that does ALL OF CHELSEA’S DESIGNING yet Chelsea is the one getting a show,” a final claimed.


Earlier this week, it was revealed that Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer, 33, have scored a brand new reality show on HGTV called Farmhouse Fabulous.

The series, which is set to debut in 2023, will follow the couple as they help families renovate their homes.

Shortly after news of the show was announced, Teen Mom 2 fans rushed to Reddit to admit they’re less than thrilled about the series.


While sharing their reactions to the show, many MTV fans argued that Chelsea and Cole don’t have enough experience to help others build their dream homes.

One person wrote: “Soooooo, what is their show actually going to be about? Are they going to renovate/style homes every episode?

“Because, while their home is nice, it’s only ONE home and it took them a while to cultivate the style and touches that they wanted for it… I know Coke is handy, but nothing about them screams that they know what they’re doing with designing a home lol.”

Another added: “Lame. I have no interest in watching but she’ll probably get a s**t-ton more subscribers for this (borderline boomer types).”


The Teen Mom 2 star’s new venture comes just months after she finished construction on her brand new South Dakota Farmhouse.

However, the mother of four also did not receive rave reviews from fans after its completion.

Chelsea and Cole faced backlash about the design throughout the building process last year, which was documented on their home’s Instagram page.

The couple shares their daughters Layne, three, Walker, one, and son Watson, five, as well as 12-year-old daughter Aubree, whom she welcomed with her ex Adam Lind.

Walker's nursery is nearly identical to the influencer's design


Walker’s nursery is nearly identical to the influencer’s designCredit: Instagram
Fans branded Chelsea's home as 'ugly' since its construction


Fans branded Chelsea’s home as ‘ugly’ since its constructionCredit: Instagram / @downhomedeboers
The new show will follow the couple as they renovate homes


The new show will follow the couple as they renovate homesCredit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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