March 1, 2024


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These are great tips for keeping warm this winter.

4 tips for staying warm at home this winter that most people forget

With winter here, and the rise in wholesale gas and electric prices, exacerbated by the Ukraine war, many of us are rightly concerned about how we will keep our families warm these coming months.  These recommendations for getting the best heating and which energy companies to choose will help you get through this cold season.


Traditional and green energy options.

Five energy types to choose from will heat your house differently. These are Electric, Mains Gas, Heating Oil, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), and Green Energy.  Electric is the most popular because it efficiently heats the home quickly and evenly throughout. It is also the most expensive. Mains Gas comes in second, with annual costs and popularity, although this natural resource is detrimental to the environment.  You can also use Heating Oil and LPG to provide energy. However, Heating Oil needs more maintenance, and you must have it installed by specialists. LPG is a safer option and is also appealing to the 15% of the population that lives off-grid. LPG is a liquid form of combined propane and butane. It is stored in a large tank to be refilled by your supplier. The only concern is to contact your energy company before the tank is empty to avoid being without energy.  Those who want environmentally safer forms of energy can invest in renewable sources like wind and solar power, gas made from organic waste, and renewable electricity. Choosing which type of energy best suits you will help you select an energy provider.

Which energy company to choose?

The UK’s big energy providers are British Gas, OVO Energy, SSE, and Scottish Gas. However, newer energy services Octopus Energy and Utility Warehouse are getting the best reviews and more customers. Other energy companies are E. On, Bulb Energy, and Shell Energy. Twenty-four active energy providers are currently operating in the UK, allowing you to shop around and find the best tariffs for your budget.

Make your home cosy and keep the costs down.

To keep your home warm this winter, always check that your house is adequately insulated. A poorly insulated house will leak any energy provided and waste funds. Ensure all your heating appliances (boilers and radiators) are well maintained. If you have heating issues, check these appliances before making any changes with your energy supplier. If you use an old metre, consider changing to a smart one.  Smart metres can communicate with your supplier via WiFi, keeping them updated with your energy usage and assisting with any problems you may experience. Don’t forget to research what each energy company has to offer. By doing so, you may find a provider that will help you save on your energy costs. If you are finding it difficult to afford your energy costs, contact your energy company, and they can assist you with emergency credit, which you can pay back in instalments.

Winter worries warmed away.

It is possible to keep you and your family warm throughout winter this year. Checking on your home’s insulation and maintaining heating appliances will help avoid wasting energy.  Choosing an energy company that suits your budget and selecting the best heating options for your home can also make a difference in your energy costs.