March 1, 2024


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Traveling with your companion

Choosing the right travel companion

Vacations are a great way to get away from everyday life. Whether it’s because of stress from work or whether you’re just bored of staying at home going on a trip is a great escape and if you’re looking to go on a vacation with your pet, you should look for fun pet-friendly cruises. Pet Friendly Cruises can be a great way for you to spend your vacation with your little one. Pets are also susceptible to getting seasick, but thanks to services provided at places like entirelypets pharmacy, your pet can have a more enjoyable and safe traveling experience. Still, there are more things to ensure traveling with your pets is an enjoyable experience for everyone, human and animal alike.


Bring your pet along from the start.

Pertaining, mostly, to dogs, if you want to ensure that your dog is a good shipboard dog, you should take them on board with you while they are still young. You should also make sure that entering the ship has a positive connotation for them. You can do this by rewarding your little one with a treat for everything they take part in, whether it’s when the life jacket is put on without problem or the dog calmly lays on a cockpit bench and doesn’t run around and between the legs of the crew, he gets a treat. You should also ensure that there is something in place in case the dog gets loose and diverts from your designated place on board or causes mayhem.

Pre-register your pets

Entry regulations in different countries are highly different in retrospect and should be studied in detail before the start of your trip. You need to ensure your dog has gotten all the necessary vaccinations before the trip. You will need to bring the vaccination certificate along as well. In some parts of the world, pet passports are a recognized document in which important data, including the dogs’ chip number registration, are entered. In some countries, animals need to be quarantined upon entry, there are also some countries where your dog needs to be wormed shortly after entering the country.

Ensure Charterers are informed about the pet

You will need to inform the charter company in advance if you plan to take your pet along with you, especially considering the mess dogs tend to leave in their wake. This leads to the boat needing to be cleaned when it returns, which can be both strenuous and expensive. In some cases most charter companies only allow pets to sail on certain boats

Downsides of Brining Along Pets

Pets, especially dogs, make a lot of mess, on and off the deck. Dogs tend to tread in sand from playing on the beach as they return aboard the cruise ship. Dogs and cats also tend to shed daily, which can lead to your pet’s hair getting stuck in small crevices and other objects they are in contact with. Dogs tend to lie on their blankets leading to them dozing off while sailing across the water, this results in them becoming extra active once the ship has reached land, the owner of the dogs will need to go ashore with their pets instead of relaxing on deck as most passengers would. You are also going to need to take care of your pets’ business. Unlike cats who tend to use litter boxes, it’s more difficult for a dog to relieve itself on board. You also need to look out for your dogs’ safety. With wet decks and narrow, slippery pontoons, dogs are prone to slipping.