June 14, 2024


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What You Need to Consider in Your Search For a Chiminea

The tribesmen back in Mexico, during the 17th century, introduced to the world of fire pits and fire places a new structure that served the same purpose. Its characteristic long neck attached to the rounded bottom resembles a chimney and serves a similar purpose there as well. It is an outdoor fireplace that can also be used to grill skewers and cook meat. When not in use they are an ornamental addition to the garden or patio. These are normally made up of clay, aluminum and cast iron. You must know some facts about chimineas before deciding the kind of chiminea that would be apt for your backyard or other outdoor living space.

When it comes to choosing clay chimineas it sure does sound like a pretty good idea because that is how traditional chimineas used to be. And when used for cooking it produces a lot of heat and its temperature raises high in a short span of time. The food cooked in these clay chimineas may have a different flavoring as well that comes in with the mixture of charcoal and clay particles. These clay chimineas can be either air-dried or kiln-dried. The air-dried version is generally the untreated version and may need some painting to be done to completely coat and seal it. The kiln-dried versions do not require any extra touch ups. The clay chimineas are weakly bound at the neck of the structure i.e. the junction between the end of the round bottom and the start of the neck-like structure so it is not advisable to carry the chimney at the neck.

Metal chimineas as compared to clay chimineas are way better with a lot of advantages over their clay counterparts. Metal chimineas are considerably stronger and more durable. They cannot be easily damaged or broken like the clay chimineas. They do not allow seepage of water into their bodies unlike clay chimineas and thus do not have the limitation of not being able to use in moist surroundings. They also conduct heat very efficiently. However, all the burning activity might give rise to rust on the metal body which needs to be maintained every now and then. Even then the rusty body gives it an antique look and it only enhances its presence as an attractive show piece.

Another thing to be considered is the size of the opening for the fuel inlet. It should be large enough to easily accommodate wood pieces of variable sizes. So it would be productive if you choose a chiminea with a larger bottom. You can also purchase a spark arrester which is a mesh like structure that can be used to cover the opening at the top of the chiminea or at the opening at the bottom. This would prevent sparks from escaping outside and damaging the surrounding. In all, it is a great addition to your backyard with all its uses and its heating properties. Chimineas are a great addition to any outdoor living space.