July 23, 2024


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The Interior Design of This San Francisco Home Was Inspired by the Rain

The Interior Design of This San Francisco Home Was Inspired by the Rain

“We tried to avoid going with trends and focus more on materials and objects that can stay with the client for a long time without losing aesthetic value,” Elena says. The homeowner wanted the space to feel personal, but also welcoming to her family and friends. “They were so thorough in the process of getting to know me in depth, including my favorite books, music, vacation spots, and working style, that by the time it came picking out pieces, I knew I could completely let go and let them take control,” the owner says. “Any nervousness I had around not being able to articulate my aesthetic preferences (especially as a non-creative) was assuaged early on.”

“I spend most of my time on the third floor, which includes both the kitchen and living room in an open space layout,” the homeowner says. “I’m easily distracted, so I tend to prefer compartmentalized spaces, but I’ve really enjoyed tying together my favorite activities, cooking and lounging, especially during the pandemic.”

Homan calls the raw fiberglass Puffball pendant by Faye Toogood  “visually thunderous, but soft.” The Sheep Tapestry hanging on the wall, which is made of custom silk and merino wool felt from Northern California sheep, is by Studio Ahead.

“The client had told us that some of her favorite palettes were the moments before, during, and after a rain,” Homan says. “She loved the moodiness of the sky, the movement, and the colors.” The kitchen, which is on the third floor, is where the storm starts with the darkest black tones from the cabinets to the polished black granite and the dark oak bar stools from Furniture Marolles. “In the dining room, it has the feeling of a light drizzle, after the heavy rain the blues get lighter with the Silvio Coppola dining chairs in an Edelman Leather,” Homan says. “Then the living room, where the sun shines the most in the home, is broken with a mossy green Bellini [sofa] that looks like the greens in nature after rain has touched it.”