April 21, 2024


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Top 5 Evening Entertainment Venues In Sydney

After booking a stay in a Sydney 5 star hotel you may well be looking forward to leisure time in the pool, relaxing sessions by the bar and perhaps even complimentary massages. However, those of you who choose to venture beyond the hotel confines will find a world of excitement in Australia’s biggest city. In this article we’ll take a look at the top five evening entertainment venues that simply must be visited during your time in this part of the world.
Sydney Opera House
The iconic Sydney Opera House is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia. While many people opt to find out about the history and architecture on guided tours, others take in spectacular shows in the Concert Hall and Opera Theatre. If you’re planning an extended stay at a Sydney 5 star hotel then you may be interested in booking a ticket to see a traditional Shakespearian production, or perhaps even a modern dancing performance in this grand venue.
Dr Sketchey’s Arthouse
Those of you with an artistic bent are encouraged to bring a sketchpad and colouring kit to Dr Sketchey’s Arthouse, which is ideally situated very close to many a plush villas near hoskote Sydney 5 star hotel. Here you’ll have the opportunity to take in and create your own artistic impression of a live burlesque show. If the event hosts like the look of your picture then they might even ask permission to feature it in a steamy online collection.
Madame Fling Flong
If you’ve exhausted the list of cultural offerings at your Sydney 5 star hotel then why not come along for an evening of world cinema at Madame Fling Flong? Film nights are held every Tuesday and a variety of affordable and delicious cocktails are served at the bar. When the evening’s films have come to an end you might be invited to join in a game of connect 4 by the friendly locals.
Chauvel Cinema
This much visited independent cinema was named after Charles Chauvel, who was responsible for making famous films such as Forty Thousand Horsemen and Jedda during the mid 20th century. When not acting as the venue for showings of intriguing film productions, the cinema is graced by movie lookalikes reciting famous lines. Visitors are invited to have an after-show drink at the charming upstairs bar.
Belvoir Theatre
This fabulous place was saved from destruction by a group of arts enthusiasts and media workers in 1984. Since then it has become the home of one the most appreciated acting groups in the Southern Hemisphere and staged numerous musicals and dramas. Even if you’re only intending on a short stay in a Sydney 5 star hotel it is well worth attending one of the evening productions held here.